Monthly Archive: Apr, 2012

April Client Spotlight: Art District on Santa Fe

“When we relocated our office to Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, we knew it was home,” said Brett Schklar, Founder and CEO of Market Creation Group. Since 2007, MCG has proudly been a part of the Art District on Santa Fe community. As a marketing firm, we pride ourselves on producing creative content, strategy, and quality design and feel most inspired when we’re surrounded by other creative businesses – and the Art District offers some fantastically eclectic neighbors!

MCG just got Pinteresting

As social media pioneers, we at MCG were eager to add Pinterest and Google+ to our own social media mix. After in-depth exploration and participation in both social platforms, we’re ready to showcase them and invite other companies to join! For those hesitant to dive into these two social territories, here are a few secrets to success – for both B2B and B2C focused brand pages.

MCG welcomes Denovo

MCG is pleased to announce a new client partnership with Denovo Ventures, LLC. Denovo offers IT-as-a-Service which includes professional services, managed services and cloud hosting services for enterprise applications. Established by executives from J.D. Edwards, Denovo’s heritage focused on J.D. Edwards professional services but over the years their breadth of services have expanded to accompany innovations in technology. Today, Denovo empowers and enables customers to shift their focus from the chore of managing IT services to investing in core strategies that help their businesses succeed.

In this month's episode of thoughts from MCG-land, Social Media and the CEO: not if, but when and how!

Social Media is no longer a fluffy concept in the minds of is now a question of where to start and how to measure success...not just "if" it should be done.

Verio Calculator

Verio desired an online calculator* that could yield real-time quotes on custom cloud hosting packages. MCG created a calculator to recommend a cloud plan based on the following factors: a Windows or Linux operating system, memory size, disk space and hours spent using the cloud plan. Now prospects and customers have more visibility and control over their cloud computing services.

One studio...two studio...three move (again)

Once again, MCG has expanded beyond the walls that it occupies. It is now time for us to move up, up and away!!!

ArcMail Facebook Graphic

We wanted a visual way to communicate that ArcMail safely stores your business’ emails and communications. This graphic works great on Facebook and is a campaignable idea that can be used in future online ads.

Why B2B CEOs are like SPOCK with regards to marketing

Why I think the CEOs of our companies are like Spock in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home when it comes to online & inbound marketing.

Does your social media program have VISION, VALUES and VOICE?

Every social media program should communicate Vision, Values & Voice. Here's why...

What B2B can learn from this "COOL ASS DUDE"

During the eMarketing Summit event hosted in San Francisco, I learned more about B2B Marketing from this "Cool Ass Dude" (as self-described on his twitter profile) than most others at the event...While he is a B2C guy, I think there was an incredible amount of consumer-driving information he provided that we B2B-ologists should keep in mind.

ViaWest Infographic: IT Infirmity

ViaWest wanted to educate prospects and customers on the common aches and pains plaguing IT departments in 2012. We concentrated on these “IT infirmities” and designed an infographic around shockingly insightful statistics.


Commitment. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines it as "an agreement or pledge to do something in the future." So often when we are discussing marketing with a client of almost any size, we do so with a variety of stakeholders within the organization. These could be the president, the VP of Sales and/or Marketing, Business Development Manager, etc.